A good laugh

Just got off the phone with one of my brothers.  He lives here, in Chicago, but flew out to Arizona to help out with arrangements.  We were talking about  some of our parent’s friends.  We talked about how kind people have been.  We talked about all the people that have contacted us.  We talked about our dad.  We talked about how he was so helpful to people when he lived here in Chicago.  My brother then told me how people have been coming up to him in my parent.s retirement community and told him how much my dad will be missed……how helpful he had been to them.  Then, we talked about my dad’s other side, his playful side.  My dad LOVED a good practical joke.  He was forever playing jokes.  And, his friends would play jokes back.  Us poor kids were mortified.  You just never knew if when you went out to grab the morning paper, that you would also find a pink toilet on the front porch.  There was the time they were at a party and my father tortured the hostess.  He would go into her bathroom and keep closing the shower curtain.  She would re-open it (so everyone knew she had cleaned the entire house) and my dad would close it.  This went on for most of the night.  Eventually, his grand finale.  He snuck a mounted (stuffed) sailfish into the house.  God only knows where he found this.  He hung it in the shower, put a babushka and sunglasses on it.  He put a cigar in its mouth.  Then he closed the shower curtain.  Of course, the lady of the house opened the shower curtain, and  nearly had a heart attack.  It was good to have a laugh tonight!


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  1. LSquared · March 6, 2015

    That’s a good story — the fish in the shower with cigar and sunglasses. It makes me remember how much my Dad liked to kid around. How wonderful you and your brother could share that hearty laugh. Also great that you are surrounded with kind support.

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