It’s a Small World

This morning I was heading to the office and had a flashback.  There was a familiar looking lady walking down the hallway.  It took my mind a minute to process who she was.  No, I didn’t know her from my school.  Then she smiled and I knew who she was.  She used to teach at the elementary school my daughters attended.  She was a student teacher in my older daughter’s kindergarten class.  What was she doing here I wondered.  She was a substitute teacher this morning.  Crazy!  She inquired about my girls.   I informed her that they were both in college now.  That the one she met at age 5 was going to be turning 21 in a few short weeks. Of course, she could not believe that.   It was nice catching up with her.    It really is a small world!

Interesting side note:  My 8th grade teacher has also been a sub at my school!  I brought in my 8th grade class photo to share with the students that did not believe she had been my teacher.  🙂


One comment

  1. BSoltero · March 7, 2015

    I love when little suprises from your past seem to appear out of nowhere! It’s also fun that you got to share your 8th grade picture with your students. I feel like it makes it that much more “real” for them!


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