Dance parties and donuts

My youngest daughter works at a fast food establishment that is open 24 hours.   Last night she worked the “drunk” shift at the “Castle”.  I picked her up at 6AM.  She got in the car and told me about all the nutty customers she served that evening.  A song came on the radio that we both like.  We started dancing in our seats.  If anyone had seen us, they would have thought we were crazy.  It reminded me of when she was a toddler.  We would dance around our house all the time. Those were fun times, more simpler times.   Then, she suggested we get donuts.  Off to Dunkin’  we went.  I appreciate these early mornings with her.  She will be transferring to a university in the next year.  She is looking at schools out of state.   I appreciate these moments because soon they will be gone.  No more early morning dance parties for me.



  1. Kim K · March 14, 2015

    Dance parties sure are the best!
    I laughed at the “drunk” shift. 🙂


  2. lfitzgerald2015 · March 14, 2015

    I should write a post about all the stories she tells me. Too funny.


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