5 years ago

Where am I?  What is going on?  Why can’t I move?  These people look sort of familiar?  How come no one is taking to ME?  A day or two later things become clearer.   I had been in a COMA!  I had some “minor” surgery on my brain.  Simple, the doctor said.  He was going to insert a shunt in my head to drain out the excessive spinal fluid.  It was crushing my optic nerve and destroying my vision.  But things went wrong, horribly wrong.  When I finally came to, a few days later, I was unable to move the right side of my body.  My speech, I sounded like a drunk. My head hurt like hell.  Things did not make sense to me.  What happened?  Five years ago, this “minor” surgery caused a stroke.  Six weeks in the hospital, working every day to learn how to walk, talk, and do basic things to care for myself.  Another six to eight weeks in intensive out patient therapy.  PT, OT, and Speech.  I thank God, my family, friends, and co-workers for all the support and love I was shown during and after this horrible time in my life.  I am so grateful to all of the medical staff that helped to get me back where I needed to be, with my family and back in my classroom!



  1. brighidk28 · March 22, 2015

    Unbelieveable! What an absolutely horrific experience to endure, and what an AMAZING recovery you have made.


  2. LSquared · March 22, 2015

    What an intense experience.
    You wrote it so that I was right there with you. This is a piece in which you could “lift a line” — almost any line and free write to that line, to stretch out the moment. “My speech. I sounded like a drunk.”
    You are more than a survivor — you deserve a crown of Overcoming.


  3. lfitzgerald2015 · March 22, 2015

    Thanks for your comments. I don’t think I deserve a crown, some people, unfortunately, never recover completely. I am just one of the lucky ones. 🙂


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