The theif called Alzheimers’s disease

Went with a friend to visit her mom last night.  Joanne is in a nursing home, on the dementia floor.  Joanne has Alzheimer’s disease.  It is so sad to see her like this.   She was always such a strong, proud woman.  And to see her like this is heartbreaking.   The first time I met Joanne, it was about 20 years ago.  She had a great sense of humor and loved to bet on professional football games.  Now, she is reduced to a shell of her former self.   They were eating dinner when we arrived.  She attempted to introduce us to her table mate, 6-7 times.  She had to be spoon fed.  Then we took her back to her room.  My friend tried to brush her mother’s teeth.  Joanne put up a fight.   We told her that Holly was going to school to be a dentist (complete lie) and she needed practice.  Joanne complied.  Then we walked her back to the dining room.  Joanne spied her table mate, said good bye to us, and took off.  I guess she was done with us.  Today, she recognized us.  Tomorrow, who knows.  A few months ago, I met Holly and Joanne at a local restaurant.   Joanne saw me and said , you’re my friend.  I said yes I am, she then proceeded to introduce me to Holly, her daughter, my best friend for the past 20 years.  It is so sad to see how Alzheimer’s disease robs people.  Robs people of their memories.  Robs people of their loved ones.



  1. MaryHelen · March 28, 2015

    The disease is saddening. I hope the memories of times together will encourage during the change.

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  2. ccahill2013 · March 28, 2015

    I agree. It’s one of the worst things I’ve watched people endure. How you describe it is exactly as it is. I’ve been there. Lying to a loved one just so they will comply – it feels wrong but you get pretty creative with it after a while. Nice slice. Important story to be told.

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  3. lfitzgerald2015 · March 28, 2015

    Definitely the creative lies can be fun. One time when she was ill, we had brought her a Gatorade. She wouldn’t drink it. Then, we told her it was a blue daiquiri. She smiled and downed the whole thing. 🙂


  4. LSquared · March 28, 2015

    Very kind way you wrote about the tragedy. I like how tactful your creative lies are. I think they’d work on me, too.

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