I’m in love…..

with books.   I admit it.  Isn’t that the first step?   I have always loved books.   I used to walk my little brother and cousins up to the library every week, just so I could be with the books.  I have gone on vacations and spent time at bookstores.  I have also shared my love of books with my daughters.  I started buying them books before they were born.   I read to them every day and promised them extra time with the lights on at night, if they would read.  About 6 years ago, they went to visit family in Ireland for a month and a half.   They came home with an extra suitcase…….full of books.  Hi!   My name is Lisa and I’m in love with books.



  1. Sheri Edwards · March 30, 2015

    I know the feeling — we often return from a trip with new books, although we are just as prone to add eBooks to our Kindle app. 🙂

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  2. Morgan Wright · March 30, 2015

    Amen!! I’ve been trying to spark some love for books with my students. I have a shelfie sunday… the more “shelfies” I can post, the more I am having to admit: I have a problem. I am a book hoarder and a book addict. I just like the smell of the library!
    So great that you are passing that love on. I have more and more kids each year that hate reading and won’t touch a book. Good job taking the first step and admitting you have a “problem”! Even better job spreading that problem on!

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