Over and out!

Today is finally here.   Not sure if I am relieved or sad.   Although it has been fun “slicing”  (almost) every day, it has also been a challenge.   A lot of the time, it has been cathartic.  Who would have thought that in this 31 days that I would lose my father and almost lose my nephew as well.  Sometimes it was hard to decide what to write about, sometimes it was hard to find the time to write.   Will I do it again?  Probably.    Thanks to everyone for the great feedback. And thanks to everyone for sharing.  It has been fun getting to know you through your writing.   🙂



  1. Donna Smith · March 31, 2015

    Some months are very rough, as it was for you, but the writing can be very helpful to our souls, whether made public or private. I hope your April showers bring you a freshening within. I’m happy you continued and participated as much as you could despite the trials.


  2. Kim K · March 31, 2015

    Sometimes the writing gets you through those times. This month was particularly hard for me too and I tried to find peace within my writing. I am so happy you joined the writing challenge. Try and come back every Tuesday!

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  3. LSquared · April 1, 2015

    Roger. You are a trooper to hang in there with your writing AND everything else you are managing. If you find the writing cathartic, please post a slice on Tuesdays. I have appreciated your honest, direct style.

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  4. lfitzgerald2015 · April 1, 2015

    Thanks! Will try but not making any promises. 🙂


  5. lfitzgerald2015 · April 1, 2015

    FYI, I have appreciated all of your comments. 🙂


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