Pity Party, Table of One!

I didn’t want to get up this morning.   Alarm went off at 5am, didn’t want to work out.  Reset the alarm for 6am.   Alarm goes off again, still didn’t want to get up.   Got up anyway and hopped in the shower.   It was so warm in there, I could have stayed forever.  At least as long as the hot water lasted.   Then, I thought about others.  About a friend who lost her Grandmother and ended up in the hospital herself, the very same day.   I thought about people who don’t have a roof over their heads or hot running water.   I thought about all those things and people and thought to myself…..what is your problem?  Got dressed, drove to work.   All seemed ok.   And then, I saw my students.   One of them gave me the BIGGEST smile! He always does!  And then I remembered why I get up, why I work out.   I want to be the best me so that I can help them to become their best.   Pity Party over!


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