Winter, Part II ?

Apparently we are going to have a heavy snow storm tonight.   We haven’t had snow for months.  Yesterday, went grocery shopping just in case.  Plus, I haven’t gone for groceries in a few weeks.   And now, we wait.   My youngest was going to come home for the weekend.  I haven’t seen her since just after January.  We decided she shouldn’t drive down from Milwaukee, just in case.   So far, no snow.  I hope I remember where the shovel is.   I hope traffic isn’t too bad tomorrow morning.  I hope the weathermen were wrong.



  1. MAK · March 13, 2017

    The anticipation of a snow storm, which is really the anticipation of the ‘school is cancelled’ phone call! I hope it is only beautiful tomorrow when you wake up.

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    • lfitzgerald2015 · March 13, 2017

      In the back of my mind, I anticipate the no school calls. In the front of my mind, it means a longer school year.


  2. mrsallensclass140 · March 13, 2017

    In my neck of the woods we have only had 2 snow days when we should have had 5! Hoping your weather cooperates!


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