Another blood test, another diagnosis :(

My oldest daughter, almost 23, was born 8 weeks premature.  She weighed 2 lbs, 12 oz.  She was in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) for about 6 weeks.   She started preschool at age 3, and was almost completely nonverbal. (Thank goodness for Early Childhood programs!)  While in elementary school, she was diagnosed with SLD (specific learning disability) and ADHD.  We struggled through that….and still do.   In high school, she was diagnosed with a thyroid problem.   This meant visits to the endocrinologist and medicine.   After a few years, it was decided the  medicine was no longer working and her thyroid had to be removed.  A different medicine was prescribed.    Last year, she suffered a grand mal seizure.  This was the first one.   After testing, she was diagnosed with Epilepsy.   More medicine.  A few weeks ago, she went for a doctor visit and some blood work.  Now, she was diagnosed with a blood disorder, hemochromatosis perhaps.   Her grandmother in Ireland had this disorder.  Now we have to go for genetic counseling.   Poor kid can’t get a break.


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