Semper Fi!

According to Facebook, today is Vietnam Veterans Day.  If it was on Facebook, it has to be true (she said sarcastically).  It made me think of my father.   My father was a Vietnam Vet.   He was in the Marine Corps.   My entire life, he never wanted to talk about his time in the Marines, specifically his time in Vietnam.  There was no PTSD, service men and women returned home from their tours of duty and were expected to just return to their previous lives.  My father never saw the Vietnam Memorial in DC although he did go with me to see the traveling wall.  I saw the memorial twice.   It was such a moving experience.   I wonder what my dad would have said if he saw the one in DC.   Semper Fi, Dad, I miss you!


One comment

  1. lvahey · March 30, 2017

    My dad is also a Vietnam Vet (Air Force). We have so much to thank them for… THANK YOU to YOUR Dad, and thanks for sharing this important reminder to care for our veterans.


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