Why the stigma

Today is World Bipolar Day.   Not really something to celebrate.   Bipolar Disorder and any other mental illness is so difficult for the person who has it and their family.   The thing I don’t understand is why some people feel the need to keep mental illness a secret.  I mean, if someone has cancer or some other disease, people feel they can share that information.  If someone has a mental illness, it is all hush hush.   I have had family members, friends, and even a student with Bipolar Disorder.  If we can open the conversation, we will find that they are people too!



  1. Kim K · March 31, 2017

    I agree! It’s joked about and danced around when it needs to be talked about and taken seriously. People suffering from mental illness deserve compassion, understanding, and support. An important slice and message today.

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