Saturday Randomness

  • One month ago today, my 23 year old daughter had two strokes. Who has strokes at that age???  She is slowly recovering.   ❤ her!
  • My younger daughter drove 2 hours today, just to spend some of her limited time with us.  She goes to university full time and has a full time job.  ❤ her!
  • My friends are the BEST!   Checking in to make sure we are doing ok.
  • My running friends are also the BEST!  Same reason.
  • Even though I couldn’t run today, I went to the race and supported my friends that were running.
  • My Mom who is 2 time zones away called me to tell me she needed $20, right now.   She gets really confused at times.  Not sure how she expects me to get it to her.  I texted my brother that lives 10 minutes away from her.
  • A few months ago, Mom called me to tell me she needed cream and sugar.   Again, my brother lives 10 minutes away.
  • Booked our AirBnB for a trip to Arizona for a family wedding.   Sometimes you just need a little something to keep you going.

Have a great weekend!


3 Years

It’s been 3 years since you left us.   A lot has happened. You have gained a granddaughter.  You have lost a child.  I gained a kidney.  Mom moved to Chicago.  Mom moved back to Arizona.  Three years.   Seems like a long time.  Three years.   The pain is still there.   Miss you Dad!

It’s Over……

February, that is.   February you are a short month but you have done great damage to my family.  You have not been kind.   But today, it is a new month, a new day, a new start.   We will have to live with the havoc February rained on us for quite some time.  However, we will survive.   We are strong.  We are Fitzgeralds!

Why the stigma

Today is World Bipolar Day.   Not really something to celebrate.   Bipolar Disorder and any other mental illness is so difficult for the person who has it and their family.   The thing I don’t understand is why some people feel the need to keep mental illness a secret.  I mean, if someone has cancer or some other disease, people feel they can share that information.  If someone has a mental illness, it is all hush hush.   I have had family members, friends, and even a student with Bipolar Disorder.  If we can open the conversation, we will find that they are people too!

Semper Fi!

According to Facebook, today is Vietnam Veterans Day.  If it was on Facebook, it has to be true (she said sarcastically).  It made me think of my father.   My father was a Vietnam Vet.   He was in the Marine Corps.   My entire life, he never wanted to talk about his time in the Marines, specifically his time in Vietnam.  There was no PTSD, service men and women returned home from their tours of duty and were expected to just return to their previous lives.  My father never saw the Vietnam Memorial in DC although he did go with me to see the traveling wall.  I saw the memorial twice.   It was such a moving experience.   I wonder what my dad would have said if he saw the one in DC.   Semper Fi, Dad, I miss you!

Admission time

My name is Lisa and I’m a bookaholic!   I have read 4 books since we went on Spring break last Friday.   I think I need some sort of 12 step program.  Seriously.   I love many genres, mysteries being one of my favorite.   A friend of mine from grammar school is a mystery writer and I have read every single one of her books. I even had her come to school to talk to my students one year.   On vacations, I have to visit book stores.   I have also passed this addiction on to my daughters.   Years ago, they went to visit family in Ireland for 6 weeks.  They returned with a suitcase full of books.


Sitting here watching the hockey game.  It is killing me!   Gone into overtime.  I enjoy watching hockey but get so anxious when the game goes to overtime.   Playoffs are approaching and every win counts.   Heart beats faster, I’m on the edge of my seat.   The other team scores and the game is over.   Better luck next time Blackhawks!