Quality Time

Spent some quality time with the younger daughter today.   We went shopping (BOOKS) and then met a friend of hers for lunch.   We got to talk, laugh, and just be together.   We do talk on the phone or text just about every day.  That in person interaction is just so much better.   I wish I could have take tomorrow off as well but its just not a good time.   Perhaps I will drive up to see her next week!


Waiting for the girl child.

She will be home in about 4 hours!   I will probably be asleep.  Maybe not.  I’m so excited to see her.  I haven’t seen my younger daughter since early January.  She is on Spring break this week but can only come home for 2 days.  She is off school but still has to work.  She gets off work at midnight and is diving down after that.   I took a personal day tomorrow.   I want, no need, to spend some time with her.  I am so excited!

She Did It!!!!

A few months ago, one of my 6th grade, special ed students told me she wanted to try out for the track team.   She was worried she might not make the team.   Backstory: when she was in 2nd grade, she was diagnosed with a serious, life threatening disease.   She has bounced back and just wants to get on with her life now.   So, after school on Fridays, with permission from her mom, we would run.  Mostly indoors due to the crummy weather.  We ran down the halls of the school, through the library, past the principal, assistant principal, deans, and other teachers.   We played tricks on one of the custodians (moved his garbage can in the hallway).   Finally, the big day came on Wednesday.  Tryouts.    Then, the waiting.   The list was posted at dismissal time today.  I peeked just before the bell rang.   She did it!!!!!

Strange Dreams

I woke up at 3:46 this morning.   My heart was racing!   I had the strangest dream.   Every day, my commute to work is the same.   So routine that sometimes I don’t even remember half of the drive.   In my dream,  I was on one of those forgetful drives.    I finally realized that I was completely driving the WRONG way.   My school is in the southwest suburbs of Chicago.   I also live in the southwest suburbs, about 20 minutes northwest of the school.  In my dream, I was on the North side of Chicago!   Not sure where dream me went wrong on this commute.   I paid attention to my driving for sure this morning.    🙂


My life is riddled with doubts lately.  I am beginning to doubt so many of the life choices I have made.  Am I living in the right city for me?  Should I continue renting or should I own?  Should I sell one of my cars?  Am I in the right career?  Am I a good mom?   What am I wearing to work tomorrow?   What should I have for dinner?   Paper or plastic?   Too many questions, not enough answers!

A talk with my Mom

Called my Mom this afternoon.   Haven’t seen her since Labor Day Weekend.   My brother flew her to Chicago for a visit.   Haven’t talked to her in over a week.  Normally, I call her almost every day.  Her phone was broken, battery bit the dust.  She is back in business now.  We talked about the usual things…..the weather, my girls.   She gets so confused about the time difference.   Especially now.   We changed time, she didn’t.   That’s why I get calls in the middle of the school day.   She is getting weaker, physically and mentally.  I wanted to visit her over Spring Break but that isn’t going to happen.  I need to see her soon, before it is too late.

Another blood test, another diagnosis :(

My oldest daughter, almost 23, was born 8 weeks premature.  She weighed 2 lbs, 12 oz.  She was in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit) for about 6 weeks.   She started preschool at age 3, and was almost completely nonverbal. (Thank goodness for Early Childhood programs!)  While in elementary school, she was diagnosed with SLD (specific learning disability) and ADHD.  We struggled through that….and still do.   In high school, she was diagnosed with a thyroid problem.   This meant visits to the endocrinologist and medicine.   After a few years, it was decided the  medicine was no longer working and her thyroid had to be removed.  A different medicine was prescribed.    Last year, she suffered a grand mal seizure.  This was the first one.   After testing, she was diagnosed with Epilepsy.   More medicine.  A few weeks ago, she went for a doctor visit and some blood work.  Now, she was diagnosed with a blood disorder, hemochromatosis perhaps.   Her grandmother in Ireland had this disorder.  Now we have to go for genetic counseling.   Poor kid can’t get a break.