Technology Hate Me!

I am not very computer literate and technology really hates me lately.   My work computer is haunted!   I will be typing and the text just zooms in and out.  Makes me crazy.   Also, at many times, I am unable to print to a variety of the printers in my building.  The tech person has looked at it and recommended a priest and an exorcism.   Not sure if even that will help!     BTW, my FitBit has been hanging around with the computer too long.  Yesterday is said I climbed 31 flights of stairs.  I absolutely did NOT!



  1. kindergardencanvas · March 9, 2017

    We can all relate to your tech woes. Last month the program for writing report cards disappeared off of our school’s mainframe. The next time the tech person comes in I’ll ask him if recommends a priest and an exorcism 😉

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  2. lizzypru · March 9, 2017

    So funny! Sometimes technology really feels like the enemy.

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